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Helping kids to find the super-hero in them!

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We offer face to face and online services in a variety of clinics across North Shore, Auckland. Get in touch now to book an appointment!


ADOS-2 Assessment, Behaviour and Skills Assessments

Does your child show signs of autism? Are you concerned about their behaviour or do you think that they are not meeting some developmental milestones? We can help!


Parent training and Individualized on-going support

We can show you how to support your child in learning new skills through fun, playful activities. We can also offer support for sleep concerns, eating difficulties, challenging behaviours, learning difficulties. 

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Virtual reality therapy for autism, phobias, anxiety and much more

Is your child worried about going into the classroom? We can help. Our platform has VR classrooms and schools. We also have tools for a variety of phobias. 

Lily Stavar

Registered Psychologist, BCBA

With more than 10 years of experience working with kids and their whānau, Lily offers individualized assessments and treatment plans for children aged 2-18. Lily has experience working with children with autism, ADHD, challenging behaviours and learning difficulties. 

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